Born out of necessity

Taaru Skincare is a natural skincare brand that delivers safe, yet effective skincare to all skin tones. Being of African decent, owner and skincare maker, Zaina experienced a problematic industry that had no solutions for troubled, pigmented skin.  As a 20-something year-old battling acne and hyper-pigmentation, the trip to the beauty supply store was a dreaded one, where when you approached store associates trying to find solutions to acne and hyper-pigmented skin they would instinctively lead you to the isle that stocked the skin bleaching creams, and that's because there was no brand that dealt with skin issues catered to melanin-rich skin.
This is the reason we started Taaru- to deliver skincare solutions without compromising the integrity of melanin-rich skin, thus curtailing the use of skin-bleaching creams. How do we do that? Well, at Taaru, we are focused on skin type- dry vs. oily, not skin tone- light vs. dark. Once you know your skin type, you are better equipped to take care of it. Beautiful skin is just a click away!